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~ List of Mentors

Blithe Binder - Tala! I have been a mermaid since my first day in SL, and though I sometimes do other things, being a mer is my favorite. It brings me much pleasure to help others on their journey to become the mermaid or merman of their dreams. I am the founder of the Ciboney Merfolk, based on a legend from the Carribeean. Iíll be glad to help in any way that I can.

Cynthia Maine - I am an experienced mermaid, and the founder of the Gold Mermaid group. I also have a blog on all things mermaid in the real world. I am online frequently, and can assist beginning merfolk discover all the magic that the SL seas have to offer. Send me an IM and I will do my best to help.

Emmett Lacombe - Bio needed.

Ianthe Pearl - Bio needed.

Syrena Violet - Tala :) I have been in SL for a while now, and more recently as a mermaid. As soon as I learned about about SL to be confortable, I began to help other people navigate the mysteries of SL. I love being a mermaid and enjoy having the chance to share what I have learned with others. I can help get you started with where to find tails, mer AO's, places to swim, some mer RP, and where you can meet other merfolk. I am generally in SL 4-5 days a week and live in the pacific time zone. I am always happy to help new mers get started, so send me an IM if you have any questions.

Zohee Goldshark - Bio needed.

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