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Durham, New Hampshire

The town of Durham is located in southeastern New Hampshire at the western shore of the Oyster River. To the east is Little Bay. The town was settled in 1635 as a part of Dover, and was incorporated in 1732. Here is a map of Durham.

Durham is the home of the University of New Hampshire, which offers graduate and undergraduate programs in subjects ranging from Accounting to Zoology. I would like to offer a warm greeting to the faculty and students of the Shoals Marine Laboratory, dedicated to undergraduate education in marine sciences. Keep up the great work!

Visitors to Durham can enjoy a full range of recreational activities including boating, sailing, swimming, and fishing. Bring a picnic lunch to Adams Point, and enjoy the scenery including the great blue herons and the horseshoe crabs. Walking trails will take you through fields, woods, and rocky beaches. Sunflowers at Kingman Farm, Durham, NH

The Durham Historic Association museum is located upstairs at the courthouse, at the corner of Route 108 and Main Street. Exhibits include maps, photos, farm equipment, dolls, clothing, and the 1875 town hearse. From June through August, the museum is open Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm or by appointment.

The Three Chimneys Inn at 17 Newmarket Road offers 23 guest rooms, fine dining, and entertainment. The Maples dinner menu includes clam chowder [NE], salmon and lobster, seared duck breast, tenderloin of pork, and marinated half chicken. The Tavern dinner menu features many of the above plus Jefferson Chicken, Fish and Chips, and burgers with a choice of cheese.

The Acorns Restaurant is located in New England Center at 15 Strafford Avenue. Acorns' dinner menu features Grilled Filet Mignon, Bell & Evans Chicken Breast, Seared Cobia, Grilled Swordfish, Yellowfin Tuna, and much more. Acorns was named one of the top 100 restaurants in all of New England by the Phantom Gourmet. In addition to the restaurant, the New England Center also hosts a hotel and a conference center.

For a more casual meal, try Moe's Italian Sandwiches at 51 Mill Road Plaza. Moe's originated in Portsmouth in 1959, and now has several locations in New Hampshire and Maine.

Be sure to do some shopping in New Hampshire, there is no sales tax. My suggestion would be to also pick up some of the Pure New Hampshire Maple Syrup. Breakfast will never be the same!

Read more about the town of Durham at, and if you should see me in the water, be sure to wave!


Here were a couple of places that were excellent stops. The Hitching Post, Clam shack great food, Charlestown RI. WB Cody’s, Westerly RI.

Tony C.

Hello Tony,
Thank you for sharing a few of your favorite area restaurants. Please keep in touch.


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