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Swanton, Vermont

The town of Swanton is located in Franklin County in the nortwest corner of Vermont. Swanton is bordered on the west by Lake Champlain, and Quebec, Canada is just seven miles to the north. Swanton was chartered in 1763. Here is a map of Swanton.

The Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge is located at 29 Tabor Road. This wildlife refuge was established in 1943, and covers 6,642 acres. The quiet waters and wetlands attract large flocks of migratory birds. The upland areas consist of open fields and a hardwood forest. The refuge is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Lake Champlain offers numerous possiblities for summer fun. At 107 miles long, 14 miles wide, and up to 405 feet deep, there is plenty of room for boating, sailing, swimming, and photography. Be sure to send me your favorite photos.

Maquam Shore, Swanton, VT Make the short trip up Route 78, then south on Route 2 to the Lake Champlain islands. You may remember our visit to Grand Isle in May of last year. If you missed that article, make a point to take a look.

Swanton's beginnings go back as far as 6000 BC, when Indians are thought to have camped at the site of John's Bridge. Archaeologists can confirm that Abenakis (People of the Dawn), were living in the area of Swanton by 800 BC. The town remains a center of Abenaki activity and culture, and is home to the Abenaki Tribal Headquarters.

Today, the village of Swanton is the town's economic center. The town green is the home of a pair of 'royal' swans. The original pair of swans were a gift from the Queen of England in 1961.

Each summer, Swanton celebrates its Summer Festival at the end of July. Events include a parade, carnival rides, barbecue dinner, music, auction, library book sale, petting zoo, and a 10k race called the Swan Run.

There are a number of fine places to eat in Swanton. For great Chinese food at reasonable prices, visit Big Wok at 143 1st Street. May I suggest the Veggie Fried Rice? For a casual meal, try Shaggy's Snack Bar at 109 1st Street.

When the day is done, make your way to the Swanton Motel at 112 Grand Avenue. Enjoy one of the 14 spacious and affordable rooms. Each room is immaculately clean and features air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, refrigerator, and coffee maker.

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